Wireless Environmental Monitoring for Museums

Accsense Monitors Every Environmental Parameter with a Single System

CHESTERLAND OH—February 16, 2015

Are you a museum curator or staffer looking for an automated monitoring system to ensure that exhibits are in a safe and controlled environment? Increasingly, building managers are using continual environmental monitoring to get a highly accurate environmental profile of museum interiors for long-term preservation of exhibits. Now a single system meets all of your environmental monitoring requirements–the wireless Accsense Environmental Monitoring System. This plug and play solution saves your facility the hassle and cost of installing a wired system—all at a cost-effective price. Call Accsense toll-free at 800-956-4437 and learn more!

Each Pod has Internal Sensors Measuring:

  • Ambient Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Ambient Light
  • Vibration
  • Acoustic Level

The Accsense A1-01a Wireless Environmental Datalogger is designed for general environmental measurements. Accsense systems are already installed in museums, labs, storage and warehousing facilities–every environment where accurate and reliable data collection is essential. Each wireless datalogger has internal sensors to monitor several environmental values including Temperature, Humidity, Light and more. The ambient temperature sensor has a range of -40°C to +70°C and a highly accurate measurement resolution of 0.01°C. The humidity sensor covers a range of 5% to 95%RH, while Accsense also measures the visible light level from 0-64000 Lux.

Unobtrusive and easy to use without the learning curve of other systems, Accsense installations have only minimal impact on existing infrastructure and require little to no involvement from the IT department. The included Wall Mounting Bracket makes for quick placement, and each A1-01a pod also has a screw terminal connector for connecting to a wide range of external analog sensors, powered by the included +5Vdc output power adapter.

Remote Data Collection:

The size of many exhibit areas makes it cost-prohibitive to install a conventional wired monitoring system. Likewise, it’s a hassle to use standalone devices which require that a staff member travel to each to collect the data. In contrast, Accsense pods have a wireless range of approx. 250 ft (80m) making it easy to cover distributed or inaccessible points. Ideal for collecting data in a museum environment, Accsense ensures optimal coverage for many exhibit areas and saves staff the cost and hassle of buying and connecting external sensors.

Each A1-01a Wireless Data Logger records the environmental data in its location and transmits it to a central B1-06 Wireless Data Logger Gateway which then sends the data to the cloud. For example, a large metropolitan museum’s Accsense system monitoring at 4 distributed points can consist of:

4 x A1-01a Wireless Environmental Data Loggers

1-2 x B1-06 Wireless Data Logger Gateway (depending on the distance between points)

This makes Accsense cost-effective for simultaneously monitoring every critical parameter at multiple points.

In the event of a power or internet outage, each pod will store up to 255 data points, until a connection is restored. The stored data will be transferred to the online account. Accsense data loggers can operate on Battery or AC power, and an optional external battery pack is available to extend battery life to 2-3 years.

Our YouTube video shows how easy it is to associate Accsense pods with the gateway: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pmL93T7o2oo&index=5&list=PLPg4H1K–GN_Xyb0TdTgU6pX2mq8RdPJK.

Real-Time Monitoring and Alarming:

Whenever any environmental value goes outside of safe limits, Accsense systems send out alarms via email, text message and automated phone calls. This way you can receive alarms and check current readings directly from your mobile device. You can even send the same alarm to multiple locations!

All the measurements recorded from Accsense data loggers are immediately available online on your secure and backed-up Accsense Account. Updated in real-time, you can view a Measurement Dashboard of the most recent measurements from all sensor pods, analyze tabular data, and download measurement data for offline analysis. Users can also allow password-protected, limited access to certain users. Alarms are also sent for power or internet outages so you’ll receive an instant notification if either occurs.

Since Accsense is a Web-based solution, it requires NO software installation or firewall configuration hassles—software and feature upgrades are already included. With an Accsense monitoring plan, users have instant online access to charts depicting measurement history, with ranges as narrow as 5 minutes or as wide as 90 days. Accsense also provides Unlimited Storage so your data is automatically archived and available to download as a CSV file. Data archiving also enables long-term analysis of environmental data, for example to form temperature and humidity profiles.

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