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Accsense Electrocorder Includes All Accessories and Software!

CHESTERLAND OH—December 1, 2014

Accsense Electrocorder data loggers record several values including current/voltage, power/energy, power quality, and more. These products perform ongoing datalogging to identify issues with supply and equipment; to calculate and prove the value of future energy savings; and serve as low-cost investments for long-term energy savings. Our kits contain everything your application needs–No hidden extras!

Electrocorder Products Are Ideal For:

Energy Audits and Assessments: Quantify the before-and after-installation improvements in energy consumption to make the business case for energy-saving devices along with any financial grants for proposed/installed solutions. Voltage Management enables you to identify if optimization, reduction or stabilization offers your facility the greatest savings. You can also perform Load Analysis to verify electrical system capacity before adding new equipment to your existing infrastructure, including Renewables/Energy-Saving devices.

Frontline Troubleshooting: Quickly diagnose problems to get operations back up and running. A common example would be Brownouts, where buildings experience flickering lights due to drops in voltage supply or other power issues. These issues can be difficult to correctly identify as internal building wiring issues or voltage supply issues. For this, many power companies use Accsense Electrocorder in Domestic (EC-1V Single-Phase Voltage Logger) or Commercial sites (EC-3V Single and Three-Phase Voltage Logger) to log voltage supply over a period of 1-2 weeks to view a true pattern of supply. In the event that results show voltage supply is the problem, the data can quickly provide a solution or show that the issues may be due to internal building wiring.

Preventative Maintenance: Detect and prevent power quality issues before they cause downtime or negatively impact manufacturer products & services. For example, one of our customers was a manufacturer of automatic doors which were not functioning correctly. The manufacturer believed that the problem was due to the voltage supply to the building but needed to prove this to the customer. After using the Accsense Electrocorder EC-7VAR Three-Phase Voltage and Current Logger, the manufacturer was able to demonstrate that there were fluctuations in the site’s voltage supply which were adversely affecting the automatic door function. In this way they were able to prove that their equipment was not at fault and that the Power Distribution company needed to fix the supply to the building.

Long-Term Analysis:Uncover hard-to-find or intermittent issues and justify/check the ongoing savings and performance of your installed equipment. For example, when a thermostatically oil-fired central heating system is not working efficiently, it is difficult to detect how often the heating system (boiler) is switching on/off. This might actually be just a few seconds or minutes, wasting fuel and burning electricity. The simple solution is to use a data logger to capture this information! Using the software you can view the results and printout proof of savings areas.

Accsense Electrocorder products are perfect for users who are looking for a straightforward way to perform all these and other applications.

Why Pay More? Consider Electrocorder:

Accsense Electrocorder products have been designed by listening to our customers over the past 15 years and developing easy-to-use products that operate without any fuss. Our products are tested and calibrated to the highest standards ensuring the highest levels of safety engineering.

Electrocorders are respected and recognized as Practical, Durable and Reliable, providing accurate results at an affordable cost. To back this up we offer a Lifetime Warranty on all Accsense Electrocorder products. All you need to do is register the equipment.

Accsense Electrocorder owners like that our products are:

  • Simple to use, even for non-technical people
  • Rugged
  • Low-cost (all sensors, etc. are included)
  • Packaged with free software (Electrosoft)

View Your Critical Data:

All Accsense Electrocorder products work on a constant sampling basis, recording 16x per cycle and capturing more data than competitors. This form of data logging is extremely accurate for energy assessments etc. The fact that Electrocorders work on constant sampling at the lower price point of the market gives these products a competitive edge for users such as technicians who require entry-level equipment without the complexities or extra cost of Harmonics/Flicker/Transients etc.

Using our FREE Electrosoft analysis software users can define the voltage to plot power and energy, then simply upload recorded data via USB to a PC for analysis. It’s easy to show users/customers/co-workers the sites’ particular patterns of consumption, peak load/demand and other critical information based on actual readings. Electrosoft software has extensive reporting so most of the work is done for the user. You can make informed decisions on how to address problems such as viewing electrical energy costs, reducing equipment downtime and reducing base loads.

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Hear what our customers have to say:

“The software’s extremely easy to walk through for configuration and looking at the voltage data…I’m very impressed with its speed and I plan on picking up the current/voltage model next. As a professional electronic technician who appreciates great test gear, I can say that this logger will be a great tool in my quiver.” — Lu Green, Owner of Osage Energies –on our EC-3V Single and 3-Phase Voltage Logger.

“The price was well within range for all the equipment we wanted. The data loggers withstood some serious storms…they held up fine. The software’s good, it’s quick and easy to get a picture of what the data will be using the charts. The loggers have been working great and are exactly what we needed.” –Anthony Flynn, Building Systems Engineer with Huston Engineering—on our EC-7VAR 3-Phase Voltage and Current Logger.

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