Accsense Electrocorder EC-7VAR Power & Energy Logger

Data Logger Kit Monitors Three-Phase Systems

The EC-7VAR Three-phase Datalogger Kit from CAS DataLoggers is ideal for energy monitoring and troubleshooting applications including energy auditing, load surveys, submetering and more. While other products on the market charge extra for current clamps and memory, the EC-7VAR kit includes voltage leads, transducers, analysis software, and a USB lead for quick connectivity. Now users can view onsite power consumption given in kilowatt hours as a result of logging and upload the recorded data via USB to a PC. Call CAS DataLoggers today at (800) 956-4437 to get started with your application.

Accense Electrocorder:

Our 3-phase power factor data loggers record both energy (kWh) and power (kW) usage, checking voltage and current variations to diagnose any related issues or to gather data, for example to make representations to power suppliers. Since the datalogger records both voltage and current, users can determine if low voltage is related to high current demands onsite or if the low voltage is being supplied to the site. For protection from dust and splashes, this durable logger is rated at IP43 and is available in even sturdier IP65 and NEMA 12/4 versions.

The data logger utilizes 3 voltage channels measuring from 30V-500Vac and 3 current channels measuring up to 400A, 1kA, 2kA or 3kAac. At single phase, the logger records at a range of 30V-300V. A dual-range model is also available with three current channels complete with two user-selectable current ranges of 4Aac to 400Aac and of 20Aac to 3kAac.

The EC-7VAR is delivered as part of a cost-effective kit which includes the logger itself, 4 voltage leads, 3 Rogowski coils, a USB lead for easy data retrieval, free software, and a convenient carrying case. The included Rogowski coils fit around 140mm diameter cables and break open at their black joints so users can put them around the cables without needing to break the main circuit. When only a single phase voltage supply is available, users can set the EC-7VAR to monitor and record 3-phase energy using its 3 current inputs and a single phase voltage input instead of the normal 3 voltage inputs.

The Accsense Advantage:

Accsense Electrocorder products use a constant sampling technique, unlike the single ‘snapshot’ reading of competing devices. When these loggers start to record, they sample every channel 16 times per cycle (a cycle being 16ms at 60Hz and 20ms at 50Hz). At the end of each averaging period, 3 quantities are saved for each channel, the True RMS average, the Max, which is the highest cycle value during the period and the Min, the lowest cycle value. This means that our dataloggers will record all the peaks and valleys which are one cycle or longer.

Free Software:

FREE Electrosoft software is also provided in the kit, allowing users to define the voltage so they can plot power and energy, then simply upload recorded data via USB to a PC for analysis. Electrosoft allows you to graph and export data files as well as plot energy costs and savings using voltage optimization techniques.